Discover the PIA, a vertically
integrated industrial zone.

PIA is a vertically integrated industrial zone, focused at creating thriving value chains for storage, processing, manufacturing, and export.

Strategically located on the backbone of Lomé – Burkina industrial corridor, PIA offers the best entry to the ECOWAS and landlocked region of West Africa.

PIA will be a special economic area for local and foreign investors, replete with an advantageous tax regime, modern infrastructure and integrated multimodal logistics services.

PIA is a public-private partnership between the Republic of Togo and Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP) :

PIA Site Progress

PIA Site Overview

Togo has established itself as a leader in ease of doing business across West Africa and ranked as the 3rd best reformer globally in the Doing Business (2020) report by World Bank.

Ranked 6th in political stability and absence of violence / Terrorism in the West African region (World Bank 2019).

World Bank ‘Doing Business 2020’ report mentions that Togo made starting a business easier by abolishing the requirement to notarize company documents and by reducing the time to register a company.

Dealing with construction permits in Togo is made easier and the process is now more transparent. Togo also improved its building quality control by regulating inspections during construction.

Togo made getting electricity less costly by further reducing the cost of connection works and the security deposit for new connections.

Togo made property registration easier by streamlining administrative procedures and reducing costs.

Togo improved access to credit information by expanding the coverage of the credit bureau and beginning to distribute data from utility companies.


PIA is the most competitive Integrated Industrial Platform developed by Arise IIP in a PPP with the Republic of Togo.

Togo Industries

Expediting Growth…

By providing industries a conducive atmosphere
for setting up and operation, PIA has opened the doors
for global investors to invest in Africa

…Transforming Africa

Blessed with the abundance of raw materials,
cheap electricity, skilled manpower, and easy connectivity,
Africa has now become the next frontier for global investors

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Security Coordinator • Yard planner ICD • Analyst & reporting officer ICD

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