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PIA is a vertically integrated industrial zone, focused at creating thriving value chains for storage, processing, manufacturing, and export.

Strategically located on the backbone of Lomé – Burkina industrial corridor, PIA offers the best entry to the ECOWAS and landlocked region of West Africa.

PIA will be a special economic area for local and foreign investors, replete with an advantageous tax regime, modern infrastructure and integrated multimodal logistics services.

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PIA is a public-private partnership between the Republic of Togo and Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (IIP).

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Pia at a Glance

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Industrial & Logistics Zone

Dedicated land for industrial plots, commercial zones. Warehouses, open storage areas, truck parking and container yard

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Business Facilitation Services

Single Window center, Customs support, investment facilitation


World Class Infrastructure

Developed wide roads, uninterrupted electricity and water supply, internet, drainage, sanitation, security, landscaping,

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Integrated Industrial and Logistics Zone
Plug and play model, uninterrupted supply of electricity, water and internet
Warehousing, container storage, stuffing and destuffing facilities

Togo ranked as 3rd best reformer globally by Ease of Doing Business
Stable political environment, young and skilled manpower available
Duty free and Quota free access to EU and USA under EBA and AGOA

Located on the backbone of Lomé – Burkina industrial corridor, connecting Togo to hinterland countries.
Efficient deep water port of 16.5 mt draft, with annual handling capacity of 4Mn TEUs and direct shipping lines to major
World class airport hub with direct flights to international cities of Asia, Europe, USA

PPP partnership of Government of Togo and Arise IIP, specialized in the development of industrial zones and ecosystems across Africa
Aligned with National Development Plan of Togo


PIA is the most competitive Integrated Industrial Platform developed by Arise IIP in a PPP with the Republic of Togo.

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Expediting growth, transforming Africa

By providing industries a conducive atmosphere for setting up and operation, PIA has opened the doors for global investors to invest in Africa

Blessed with the abundance of raw materials, cheap electricity, skilled manpower, and easy connectivity, Africa has now become the next frontier for global investors


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Signature of a credit agreement for the financing of the PIA