PIA works towards encouraging various types of industries, attracting downstream & ancillary units and full-time marketing support to the investors to help them open new markets. The objective is to focus on Africa market and tap benefits under various schemes like AGOA, EU, LDC.

Various manufacturing industries in PIA include:

  • Textile industries,
  • Agro-processing industries,
  • Fertilizer and chemical industries,
  • Artificial hair manufacturing,
  • Cashew nut processing,
  • Recycling industries,
  • Pharmaceutical industries,
  • Automobile manufacturing/assembly,
  • Packaging industry,
  • Solar industry,
  • Other manufacturing industries.

The support provided by PIA to manufacturing industries include:

  • Hassle-free land availability at prime location and attractive prices.
  • Provisioning of utilities (electricity, water, internet etc) direct to land.
  • Access to wide lane roads, sewage, and recreational spaces.
  • Access to raw materials and warehouses inside the zone.
  • Access to logistics park for truck parking and container yard.
  • Preferential tariffs for utilities and availing free-zone benefits.
  • Access to Single Window Centre for one-stop solution for all the administrative needs of the company established in PIA.
  • Enabling plug-and-play model for investors to provide world-class infrastructure facilities
  • Assured electrical and water supplies, single window clearance, CETP for finishing units & hassle-free production environment.

About PIA phase 2 project

Phase 2 of PIA’s development will take place on an area of 270 Ha, 119 Ha of which is already transferred to PIA by the Togolese State. The additional 151 Ha is in the process of being acquired and transferred to PIA. The studies and the master plan for the Phase 2 development are completed.

Textile plant:

  • A large part of PIA’s phase-2 project shall be dedicated to the development of the textile activity with three textile units and six garment units. The textile and garment units are planned to create approximately 20,000 direct jobs and will transform around 30,000 tons of locally produced cotton per year. The 190 Ha remaining will be dedicated to the development of non-textile industrial units and warehouse facilities. Learn more.

Solar plant:

  • An additional area of 445 Ha will be made available by the Togolese State for the installation of a solar plant which will mainly enable industries of the zone to have access to electricity permanently. Overall, an investment of $750 million is planned. Learn more.