Adétikopé Industrial Platform (PIA) is a Special Economic Zone conceptualized by ARISE, to unlock the growth potential and promote the industrial growth of Togo.   

 Given the rising needs of the economy, PIA has been designed to focus on Agri-processing. It is located at one of the most suitable sites of Togo, along the strategic location of Lomé-Burkina industrial corridor, and as well as in the industrial region of Adétikopé. The first planned industrial zone of Togo will pave the way for establishing a truly world-class business and industrial centre. Overall objective of the project is to promote inclusive agricultural growth that creates jobs and reduce food imports, thanks to the incentive measures for private investment in key areas.  

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Facilitate FDI investments in key areas, thanks to the policy support, governance and incentive measures;
  • Promote the development of priority value chains through the establishment of infrastructure to support production, logistics, storage and processing;
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders in priority agro-industrial areas.
  • The main expected outcome is to increase in the productivity and agricultural production of import substitutes (palm oil, fertilizers, rice, maize, soybean, broiler meat) and exports (soya oil, processed mangoes, processed cashew nuts and sesame).

  • The presence of agricultural commodities like cotton, soybeans, cashew, shea nuts, peanuts, maize, pineapples, and mangoes are in abundance, hence there is huge potential for processing industries of agriculture commodities.

Phase 1:

As part of the ongoing phase-1 development of PIA, we have been able to get investments on board for agro-processing of:

  • Soya into soya oil, soya bean meals, soya milk.
  • Wood products with 100% transformation of teak of Togo.

Phase 2:

For phase 2 development of PIA, PIA focus would be to encourage industries from:

  • Maize milling & corn meal for maize transformation of Togo.
  • Grains, semolina, flakes, pasta manufacturing from sorghum.
  • Oil, peanut butter, flour, flakes from groundnuts.
  • Cashew processing units.
  • Pineapple and mango transformation units into juice, pulp, pickle industries.
  • Oil industries for sesame processing.

While developing the agri-based processing units, PIA is determined to implement:

  • Fair trade
  • Traceability
  • Carbon footprint calculation (at source)
  • Organic sourcing
  • Legality
  • Increased production
  • Efficient logistics
  • Assured sourcing