Doing business in PIA

Master Plan

In order to capture the potential of evolving African markets, the abundance of unprocessed raw materials, as well as the strategic location of Togo, PIA aims to provide investors with a gateway to integrate the African landscape by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities, a business-friendly atmosphere and support throughout the value chain of their products through its ecosystem approach. The PIA is fully equipped with world-class infrastructure, a one-stop shop to facilitate business and a 24/7 supply of utilities such as electricity, water, internet, sanitation and security.

The platform has benefits such as:

  • Hassle-free land availability
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Single window
  • Industrial zone and integrated logistics
  • Commercial incentives
  • Cross-border trade
  • Regional and international logistics
  • Reliable  governance
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply

The PIA Master Plan – General overview

This presents an overall vision with PIA project divided in two main phases and both are connected by a 60 meter wide and 8.92km long link road.

PHASE 1 (Complete)

Development Area 129.47 Ha

Extension development 54.21 Ha


Development Area: 878.45 Ha

Location and Access to PIA

Project site is strategically located on the National Highway – N1, connected to the south to Lome Port and to the north to landlocked countries Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali. N1 is the key corridor of movement for all goods transported to and from the interior landlocked countries and Togo hinterland, and Port of Lome. Its proximity to Lome, major urban center and capital city of Togo, makes the project site the ideal location for industrial development.


  • PIA is situated 27 km away from seaport of Lomé and 24km from the airport.
  • Directly linked to the National Highway (N1) road, the North-South corridor linking North Togo (and Niger, Burkina) to South Togo, and less than 30km away from the road, the West-East corridor linking Lomé, Accra and Lagos.


  • Proposed standard gauge railway line (from Lomé seaport to north of country) in future will pass through the Adetikope Industrial Park.
  • Feasibility of developing a dedicated railway siding within IIP for faster, reliable and cheaper movement of raw material from northern part of Togo (and Burkina Faso) and further transport of finished goods.

Air Access:

  • Adetikopé is located at 24 km away from airport of Lomé.
  • This is a world-class airport hub with a direct connection to 27 international cities, including Paris, Addis Ababa, and New York.

Maritime Access:

  • PIA is located at 27 km away from seaport of Lome.
  • This is the main export channel of the country.

PIA Facilities

PIA Facilities have been planned with an area of 400 Ha in Phase 1; 25 Ha in Annex; and 716 Ha in Phase 2 at various locations and nodes along the major spine. These nodes are facilities essential for the working of the industrial park and enhance the quality of life of the workers and visitors to the park. Facilities are categorized into revenue generating facilities and nonrevenue generating includes:


An access to consistent and reliable power, water, waste treatment, telecommunication and other utilities and services, are major impediments to investments in the manufacturing sector. Extensive infrastructure has been proposed within the PIA site to meet various utility and service requirements.

Water Supply

Water requirement will be supplied through ‘water works’ distribution network pipe of 3.7 km from the storage tanks. Contains borewell, storage reservoirs, guard room, office room, laboratory etc.


Aims at 100% recycling and treatment of wastewater at the ZLD/CETP. Water is stored in a reservoir and recycled. Use of storm water as part of the recycled water after preliminary treatment.

Zonal Switching Station

The total distribution network is 4.6 km. Under phase-1, there will be two ZSS with capacity of 20MVA each. Underground network from DAVIE substation to ZSS 1 of 30MW capacity. From ZSS-1, two feeders will feed ZSS-2.

Solid Waste Transfer Station

Transfer station has been proposed within the Industrial Park where all other waste shall be aggregated and further transported to the nearest landfill / composting plant.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Always carry an ID card when going out.
  • Favor car transport over motorbike.
  • Require standardizes invoices for all purchases on behalf of companies.
  • Favor eating in restaurant rather than roadside food.


  • Avoid drinking tap water as much as possible.
  • Avoid travelling with large sums of money. Prefer paying by check or bank transfer.
  • Avoid taking pictures of police officers without their permission.

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