PIA’s Competitive Advantage

  • Investment code for ECOWAS oriented industrial units.


  • Round-the-clock power and doorstep gas supply.


  • 24×7 Electricity available mostly from renewable sources at preferential tariff.


  • Availability of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce with the ease of hiring expats. Freedom to bring expat staff during the initial years. 


  • Vocational training center to train labor for factories. Labor law adopted to meet industry demands while respecting global standards. 


With its coast facing south, Togo shares its borders with Benin, Burkinia Faso and Ghana. The location further privileges Togo with direct access to landlocked countries like Niger and Mali to conduct trade with.

Togo’s capital Lome is connected to all these countries with less than 12 hours transit via the International Highway no. 1, making it a hub to connect these west African resources to the rest of the world. Infact, these neighbouring countries also act as a regional market for cotton products from PIA.

  • Agriculture and the service sector are the backbone of the economy. More than 60% of Togo’s people are employed in small-scale farming.
  • Togo has one of West Africa’s few natural deep-water ports with secure territorial waters making a relatively safe zone for international shippers.
  • Starting a business and enforcing contracts have been made easier by government, and other reforms have reduced the cost of entrepreneurial activity.

Togo is the top 3 reformers globally in terms of improvement in Doing business Rankings, best in the west African region, performing better than Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Madagascar.

  • The presence of agricultural commodities like Cotton, Soybeans, Cashew, Shea Nuts, Peanuts, Maize, Pineapples, Mangoes in abundance.
  • Most competitive and efficient deep- water port (16.5 m) alongside the West African coast.
  • Accessible regional market of 400Mn consumers through ECOWAS and WAEMU associations.
  • Togo is one top five producers of phosphates globally.
  • World-class airport hub with a direct connection to some international cities, including Paris, Addis Ababa, New York and Washington.
  • Direct access to landlocked countries with less than 12 hours transit via the International Highway N° 1 (Burkina Faso – Niger – Mali)
  • There is huge potential for processing industries of agriculture commodities
  • Regional financial hub, with many financial institutions headquartered in Lomé (e.g. West African Development Bank, Ecobank)
  • Duty free and quota free access UE, and USA through AGOA and EBA, ACP/UE


56.785 sq.km


8 Million

GDP Growth









2.4% growth


27.5 °C approx.

Key investment and financing opportunities in Togo

Cotton & textile

Spinning, Weaving, Kinitting, Processing, Garmenting of industrial textile


Soyabean, Shea, Cashew, Fruit processing : Pineapple, mango, Maize, Sorghum


Metal recycling, Wig manufacturing, Automobile assembly, Cosmetics, Cement industry, Brewery, Marble & ceramics


Mining, Energy, Infrastructure

Approval process to avail exemptions in the PIA

The establishment of a sole proprietorship is done at the CFE (Center for Company Formalities) -Togo, the single window office where all the formalities for the establishment, modification and dissolution of a company are carried out. Investors of PIA have the ease of fulfilling the formalities comfortably, through Single Window situated within PIA.

Economic and financial incentives

The following incentives are granted to investors:

  • Equality in the treatment of any company settled in the country (except by tax agreement on double taxation or non-taxation).
  • Determining for each company its policy of production and marketing, in compliance with laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Togo.
  • Submission to the regulations of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) regarding the operations of exchange and currency transfer.
  • Guarantee of the private property ownership by the laws and regulations in force.
  • Amicable settlement of dispute between the company or the investor and the State of Togo.

Other benefits for agro-product processing units and other industrial clusters:

  • Supply of raw materials: Togo is full of enormous potential for processing agricultural products.
  • Logistics and warehousing facilities: The road repair works will allow rapid transport of raw materials to PIA. All of PIA’s logistics will be available to investors to store and process raw materials.
  • Transfer to Port: The transfer of finished products to the Port of Lomé will be worry-free due to PIA’s strategic geographical position connecting it by a bypass from the greater Lomé to the roundabout of the Port of Lomé.