What is Single Window

This refers generically to the administrative building within the PIA that gathers all the competent administrative authorities (and/or their representatives) in charge of:

Centralizing the applications (like approvals, permits, licenses, registrations and other authorizations) submitted by investors wishing to establish themselves within PIA.

Carrying out the steps intended to scritinise applications of investors according to the accelerated procedures, subject to the eligibility conditions applicable to them.

Issuing Regulatory Authorizations through the PIA Coordinating Authority (ACP) that centralizes all the administrations within a Single Window.

Administrative authorities​ are physically gathered in the building called ‘Single Window’ in order to receive and process the various applications. The administrative authorities are led by a General Administrator appointed by the State. ​The General Administrator is the administrative head of the Single Window and the support services that participate in the process of creating, supervising, controlling and managing PIA.​

PIA Single Window Operationalisation

The PIA Single Window will be the only contact for the Units, which will be able to complete all the administrative formalities and procedures related to their establishment in the IIP. The Single Window acts as a central agency that coordinates and supervises the support of the different administrations and services of the State within the IIP.​

The various components and services of the Single Window will group together, in particular the departments or services that will be set up by the ministerial departments concerned, namely tax office, customs office, competition and consumption department, environmental services or agencies (pollution – sanitary approval), port agencies or services, all services or agencies in charge of employment and labor.

The Single Window will be responsible for making arrangements for the delivery to Investors of all necessary approvals for the implementation of applicable charges or tolls for the use of any infrastructure or value-added services provided by PIA SAS in the IIP. ​

Responsibilities of the Single Window

Set-up your business at PIA Togo hassel-free
with the Single Window Clearance.

Digitalized Single Window Benefits

Electronic processing of files to allow reduction in processing time, establish transparency and monitoring of files and digitally facilitate the collection of economic data.
The digital interface will allow to introduce any request in a permanent way and to make its follow-up 24h/24 (Workflow).
Follow-up of projects and reforms at the level of the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Minister's Office and transparency on their progress in order to ensure efficient and timely implementation .
SWC coordinates the various departments and agencies to ensure the proper functioning of the Integrated Industrial Platform.
Focus on a limited set of priority projects and reforms with close and constant monitoring by the ministries in charge until their completion .
Design maturation of projects and feasibility studies upstream in order to avoid bottlenecks during their execution .

Services​ offered under Single Window :

  1. The Togolese Revenue Office (OTR)
  2. The National Agency for Investment Promotion – Free Zone (“API-ZF”)
  3. The General Directorate of Internal Trade
  4. The General Directorate of Industries
  5. The Directorate of Packaging and Legal Metrology
  6. The National Institute of Industrial Property and Technology (“INPIT”)
  7. The National Agency for Environmental Management (“ANGE”)
  8. The National Employment Agency (“ANPE”)
  9. The National Social Security Fund (“CNSS”)
  10. La Direction Générale du Travail et des Lois Sociales
  11. Le Centre de Formation des Entreprises (“CFE”)
  12. La Direction Générale de la Documentation Nationale
  13. Le Ministère de la Sécurité et de la Protection Civile
  14. Agence Togolaise de Sécurité Alimentaire (“ANSAT”)
  15. Agence Togolaise de Normalisation
  16. Port Autonome de Lomé (“PAL”)
  17. Société d’Exploitation du Guichet Unique pour le Commerce Extérieur au Togo
  18. Direction Généralede l’Urbanisme et de l’Habitat
  19. The Directorate of Plant Protection
  20. The National Institute of Health Insurance (“INAM”)
  21. The Directorate of the Environment
  22. The Directorate of Forest Resources
  23. The Office of Development of the Exploitation of Forest Resources (“ODEF”)
  24. The Conseil National des Chargeurs du Togo
  25. The Institut National de la Statistique Economique et Démographique (“INSEED”)​