Commercial zone:

PIA’s ‘Take Your Brand to New Levels’ Commercial Zone serves multiple industries, including some of the world’s biggest and most successful retail, convenience store, restaurant, hotel, banks, and management brands. It also broadens business and employment opportunities and drive productivity growth by provide new expansion opportunities for new and existing retail, office and commercial businesses.

The ground floor includes a pedestrian zone that contains a wide range of fashion brands and accessories, a home decor store, restaurants, bank branches, specialized shops, and a range of shops with a diverse range of services.

On level-1, there is a spa, fitness center and children’s fitness center, organic food store, restaurant, beauty salon, mail office, fitness equipment salon, dry cleaning, and children’s playroom where visitors can entrust the care of their children to professional animators and enjoy a carefree shopping experience.

A dynamic place for new generations and all those who enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking. PIA commercial zone would be a blend of commercial, shopping and lifestyle destination, ideal for a well-designed work or living space for renting to your liking.

Another advantage of zoning for commercial businesses is the ability to locate near other businesses that have already established constant traffic. This way, one can coexist with other companies that do not directly compete with one’s business to draw more customers. It also guarantees the property will be configured in ways that support conducting the kind of business you do. That means providing a boost to your brand in a unique and effective way with customized site. Customized site amplify a brand’s image, build equity and make lasting statements to customers. That’s because every point of customer contact is another opportunity to tell your brand’s story.

Residential zone:

This includes areas where multiple-unit dwellings, high-rise apartment districts are located. A residential zone would include areas containing accommodations for transients such as Air BNB type residential area also with limited office development, including retail shopping facilities (within commercial zone), residential zone would also include hospitals, nursing homes, and similar institutional facilities.