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As part of the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Industrial Platform of Adétikopé committed to the extension and renovation of schools in the canton of Adétikopé and its surroundings, in particular the Adétikopé Central Public Primary School.

The project started in February 2022 with a total financing of 300,000,000 FCFA and the construction works lasted 11 months. The construction of the school new blocks and its expansion had been executed by Contractor and Partner M/s AFALCO.

The objective of the renovation was to provide the pupils of the Adétikopé Centrale EPP and all the villages with improved buildings and the best learning conditions. Again, PIA realised that the school children were greatly exposed to serious transportation risk factors and some medium and minor security threats during school hours.

As part of the works, 04 new blocks have been constructed, 04 old classrooms were renovated and a new fence wall of about 800m with 03 access doors for pedestrians and 02 access doors for vehicles were also erected.

From now on, the EPP of Adétikopé Centrale has three school blocks of 03 large classrooms each, which makes a total of 9 classrooms in all. Each school block has a teachers’ office and toilets, and each room has 02 blackboards. The school now has a car parking, a flag stand and provided with children playing ground. The design for the expansion also ensured that Pedestrian walkways within the school grounds link the school blocks to each other to enhance safety of the pupils and teachers from other moving vehicles and motors.

Following these renovation actions, the management of PIA, partners and all stakeholders planned and agreed to hand-over the new blocks with related facilities on this day, 20th January 2023, to the Local administration and the teachers to be used by the school to enhance teaching, learning and development of the Pupils.

PIA is happy to hand over the phase lifted Adetikope Central Primary school on 20th January 2023 in addition to the AYAYI primary school in the Adetikope that was handed over to the community on 29th April 2022. PIA together with our partners has since the inception of industrial zone spent 500,000,000 Xof on CSR projects.

PIA and the partners are very hopeful, that the facilities will be maintained to continue to sustain the objectives PIA had for the project.